Rise of the Internet era


As we discussed last time out, we are living in the future and it can be tough to navigate. It raises a whole bunch of questions that we must address in order to continue making a profitable living.

So how did we get here?

That question is easy to answer: we are living through the birth of the Internet Revolution. All of the promise of the Internet and the dot com era has come home to roost.

The initial rush and excitement of the Internet as a game changer built up expectations and stock valuations that eventually gave way to the collapse of the stock market and snide dismissals of the “dot bomb” era. While it’s true that many of those early Internet pioneer businesses are no longer around, the ramifications of the Internet are omnipresent and impossible to avoid.

I firmly believe that a lot of the economic pains that we are feeling in the world are because of the Internet. Business opportunities usually present themselves when inefficiencies exist in the market – the Internet is slowly and steadily squeezing these inefficiencies out of existence.

We’ll discuss that concept in the next entry.

Thanks for reading – see you soon!


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