Squeezing inefficiencies out of the market


To underscore the fact that the Internet is slowing squeezing out inefficiences (and with it – entire businesses and organizations), consider the following:

  • When’s the last time you used a map to find driving directions?
  • Or weren’t sure about a new restaurant because you didn’t know anyone who had eaten there already?
  • Or called that restaurant for their address?
  • Or visited a book store for anything except coffee?
  • Or bought a new book without a recommendation?
  • Or called a family member to see how they were doing?
  • Or used a travel agent to purchase tickets?
  • Or … again, the list is endless.

Flip it around. How many areas of your life can you think of that haven’t been impacted by the Internet? I would suspect that’s a short list.

It’s been an amazing shift in our world. And it happened in an extremely short period of time. We’ll discuss this a bit more in the next post.

Thanks for reading – see you soon!


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