The Internet Revolution


(Kind of like The Matrix Revolutions but more meaningful…)

I think we can all agree: the Internet Revolution is here and the impact on businesses has been staggering. What the Industrial Revolution did for manufacturing goods, the Internet Revolution has done for information.

Information in all of its forms is now spread at unimaginable speeds. Ideas, strategies, product literature, methodologies, pricing information, discounting, confidential secrets, you name it – it’s all available with a browser and your search engine of choice.

This has proved to be a great leveler of business. In the closed-off, pre-Internet world a one in a million idea was unique. In this brave new world, there are a thousand other businesses that have the same idea.

So where does this leave us in these interesting times? What can we do to survive and even thrive in this new era?

I spend a lot of my time thinking about the answers to these questions in a general and, for my clients, specific ways. We’ll discuss some of this in the next article.

Thanks for reading – see you soon!


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