Learning from successful companies


The good news in the midst of all this upheaval is that the Internet establishes an amazing land of opportunity and there are some great companies out there showing how it’s done right.

Think about this: everyone – and I do mean everyone – wants the Amazon.com experience.

They want to place an order and conduct business with you when they want, how they want and they want it yesterday and they want to be able to customize it and track it and return it and they want you to remember their preferences for how they conduct business and their personal preferences.

And you better make sure that you and everyone in your organization can provide it the exact way that the customer wants it or you will hear about the bad experience through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, etc. etc.

And you can be sure your prospective customers and your otherwise satisfied customers will hear about bad experiences as well. The age-old truth still applies in the Internet economy: bad news travels fast.

Well … there’s fast and then there’s Internet fast. Today bad news travels around the world minutes after it happens. Think about it: a single disgruntled customer can be heard around the world in an instant.

I think we call agree: none of us can afford this. So, what can we do to protect against this?

It boils down to a concept that I call “Amazon-ification” and we will cover it our next outing.

Thanks for reading – see you soon!


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