What can you do in this shifting, fast-moving economy? How do you give your customers what they want, when they want and how they want it? How do you protect and even grow your business in the new economy?

You need to Amazon-ify your business if you want to stay in business.

Maybe that statement’s too bold? Let’s take a different angle then.

If you don’t adapt to the new economy demands, you will slowly find your organization shrinking or, best case, stabilizing. Your customers will find ways and people to do business the way they want to.

Maybe you don’t sell retail and maybe you think this doesn’t apply to you? Don’t get lost in my usage of “Amazon-ify” and think that the concept doesn’t apply to you. I use the term to define the necessity to do more, better, faster with less. It applies to service firms, distributors, manufacturers, you name it.

Amazon-ification is all about giving your customers the experience that they want and (demand?!) and making it easy for them to come back for more.

Because the customers call the shots more than ever in the Internet era. We’ll explore this in our next installment.

Thanks for reading – see you soon!


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