The customer calls the shots


This is a fundamental, core principle of the Internet era: your customers call the shots.

Of course, they always have. It just has never been felt as strongly as it is today because customers have immediate access to your competitors. And there are unlimited forums in which to bring any bad experiences to light.

So: Amazon-ify your business.

Give them a reason to keep coming back.

Give them the ability to share information about your services, your products, your people, your principles.

Give them a place to be heard.

Give them what they want.

Give them what they don’t even know they want yet.

They won’t settle for less. Would you? Do you?

We all can choose at any time to do business with some one or some organization that makes it easier, more affordable, better, you name it for us. The Internet has made it easier than ever to make this choice and make the change.

So: Amazon-ify your business to give your customers what they want before they make this change.

Thanks for reading – see you soon!


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