Evolution is here to stay


Another thing that Amazon does really well that we can all learn from: they continue to evolve. As soon as people have Amazon figured out, they evolve.

Are they an online bookstore? Nope.

Are they a book recommendation engine? Nope.

Are they an online CD store? Nope.

Electronics, games, toys, online Wal-mart, outsourced e-commerce site, e-commerce web services, hosting services, fulfillment center, music downloads, videos, Kindles, ebooks … it’s a moving target.

The brilliant move to top all others: Amazon Prime. With Prime, Amazon delivers a customer loyalty program that continues to add additional benefits to subscribers and promote repeat business.

And! Their customers pay to be part of this program. The customers are paying to do future business with Amazon. Simply brilliant.

Please realize: I’m not suggesting that you need to be Amazon. I’m also not suggesting that Amazon hasn’t made some mis-steps along the way.

The point is that Amazon provides a model for success in the new Internet economy. There are three guiding principles behind Amazon that benefit us all. We’ll cover these next time.

Thanks for reading – see you soon!


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