Effectiveness is king! or is it?


Effectiveness is all about doing the right things. It’s about setting and reaching towards goals. It has to do with managing a long-term strategy and adapting to changes.

It requires vigilance and perspective and is focused on activities that support your vision. It’s working smart – picking your most critical activities and focusing on them to deliver on your promises.

The danger of effectiveness is being consumed with reaching your end goal despite the cost.

Case in point: in long ago Greece, King Pyrrhus was widely respected as one of the greatest military leaders of his times. It came to pass upon winning one particular battle against Roman troops, he was left with a shell of an army – unable to fight any longer.

He was absolutely effective in reaching his goals. He won the battle. Unfortunately, he was left with no friends or comrades to share his victory and his country was left vulnerable to further battles.

King Pyrrhus greatest legacy to his highly effective methods is the term “pyrrhic victory” – a victory with a devastating cost to the victor.

Next time out we will talk about the  more subtle danger hidden in the path to maximum effectiveness.

Thanks for reading – see you soon!


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